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"Shokugeki no Soma" Serves Up 2nd Season in Summer of 2016. At the "Shokugeki!

Maihama Festival" special event held on February 28, 2016, at the Maihama Amphitheater in Urayasu, Chiba, Japan, it was announced that the 2nd season of food-battle TV anime Shokugeki no Soma will be broadcast during the Summer season of 2016.
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Sup everyone. Today I will show you how to automatically download new episodes of currently airing shows to your HDD using RSS feeds and qBittorrent.

If you follow multiple shows per season, keeping an eye on all of them manually can be annoying. But don't fret, with this you will automatically get the new episode downloaded to your HDD ready to be watched without having to lift a finger!
This might seem a little convoluted and too time consuming, but once you have the initial setup done, simply adding new shows is extremely easy and quick.
I'll be using the [HorribleSubs] release for JK Meshi! as an example and qBittorrent as a torrent client. This obviously works with any RSS feed and with any torrent client that supports RSS feeds. Furthermore, I'll also assume that you already have qBittorrent (or some other client) installed.
First it's a good idea to check under what exact name HS releases the show. We go to and check their schedule, manually search or whatever you feel like. In our case, the name they use for the show is „JK Meshi!“.
Now that we got the name, we need the RSS feed, so we head over to .
We enter „[HorribleSubs] JK Meshi!“ into the search and hit enter.
Now, in the top bar, between „IRC“ and „Fap“ there is the „RSS“ button. Press that button. The RSS feed we now get ahs the same results as the webpage we just had after searching the site. Neat isn't it? Copy the url ([HorribleSubs]+JK+Meshi !) and take a look at how its constructed.
You can manually change the „[HorribleSubs]+JK+Meshi!“ part to get the RSS feed for any series so you don't have to use nyaa multiple times when adding 10 shows at once, simply change everything after „&term=“ and you get the rss feed for any show you want (just be careful to not make any typos).
Well we got our RSS feed now, time to put that feed into qBittorrent.
First, under „View“ make sure that „RSS Reader“ is set to show up, then change to the RSS Tab. Click „New subscription“ and copy paste the RSS url you got from nyaa previously.
Think we're done? Nope, sorry. We still need to set a rule and a download directory. To do that, click „RSS Downloader“ on the right. Check „Enable Automated RSS Downloader“ and then click the plus to add a new rule. Call it however you like.
For the rules, since The RSS url I use in this example features all 3 qualities HS has to offer. I need to pick one, or else I would get the same episode downloaded 3 times in different qualities. Enter 720p (or whatever you prefer) in the „Must Contain:“ field. I also recommend to enter „Batch|Patch” in the „Must Not Contain:“ field to avoid downloading batches or patches (obviously).
If you want to, select a directory to save your episodes under (if nothing is set, qBittorrent will download to the default directory set in the options). And check the feed under „Apply Rule to Feeds:“.
If you did everything right, then you should now see the episodes in the quality you selected on the right. (It should look something like this ).
If you close the RSS Downlaoder window now, qBittorrent will check the feed and start downloading all matching files (If you followed the guide so far and don't want JK Meshi! On your HDD then untick the feed in “Apply Rule to Feeds:”). Set and appropriate refresh interval for the feeds in the settings next to the RSS Downloader Button and you're good to go. qBittorrent will now check the feed for new entries and automatically download anything that fits the rule you set. If you want to add another series, simply click „New subscription“ again, manually edit the url and remember to apply your rule to the feed.
As you see, Content is a bit sparse on the channel currently. If you feel like you are able to contribute quality written content, don't hesitate to contact @vermeeren (or me).
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Heyo, it's @Anonymus299 again. It's been a while since I presented you Nobunaga Concerto and I thought it's about time to present another show.

(If you watch anything and would like to give me some feedback, or think you know a show that would be perfect for this then feel free to contact me.)
I still don't know what to call this so for now lets just call it:
Underappreciated and Unknown Anime #2
Requiem from the Darkness
Tired of writing riddles for children, Yamaoka Momosuke plans on gathering spooky and gruesome stories and publishing them in an anthology called Hyakumonogatari ("One Hundred Tales"). While researching these old myths and legends he comes across a mysterious trio who call themselves the Ongyou. They are detectives who are investigating the legends to reveal their truths...and bring those in the wrong to justice. Each time Momosuke meets the Ongyou he must face horrible truths and battle with his morals, but he's seeing things he shouldn't be seeing...
It's widely accepted that anime doesn't do horror well. It comes close sometimes, but never really manages to produce an outstanding horror show. This, in my opinion, is a show that sits on the better end the “anime horror spectrum”. It reminds me of Hell girl, and while I don't really think too much of that show for various reasons, this one is much more interesting to me. It features a fairly unique artstyle and the episodes usually deal with various ghosts from Japanese folklore. It's not a show with high production values but definitely memorable and worth checking out for at least a few episodes, so give it a try.
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A Naruto Stickers Pack for all the Naruto fans out there.
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100 Manga selected as learning tools. Because school isn't the only way to gain knowledge.
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Pretty neat youtube channel. I highly recomend going through his videos.

You are sure to find something that interests you.
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