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If you have any questions, or want to be unbanned, please PM one of the following: • @BobTheBanana • @HokoB • @LinkelleF • @DeathMachine
Anime District Portal

Anyone is welcome to join our groups (if they follow the rules):

Oppai Avenue - Hentai|Cosplay|R34
Watering Hole - Furry|Feral|Hybrids
Coccpit - Traps|Futa|Shota
Bamboo Bar - SFW|Anime|Off-Topic
Anime District Portal

Our channels: Wallpaper Way - Anime|Art|Scenery

Club FLAC - Lossless Music|Western|East Asian
Lil Jean Channel - Memes|Shitposts|Everything
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Friends channels: Andromeda Haven - Anime|Hentai|Music

WeebsIRL - Anime|Memes|Animemes
Anime Channels - Anime|Cute|Lewd
Anime Jazz - Music|Jpop|Jazz
NoruChannels - Anime|Hentai|Cute
Anime District Portal

If you're banned in any of the groups or if you have any questions, please message one of the following (we don't bite):

• Bob the Banana
• Hoko
• Linkle F