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It didn’t mean to enter the cat dimension this time, though it’ll certainly pretend this was all planned

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Rhino insurance is a common part of car insurance in some african nations rhino’s have such terrible vision that they will confuse vans and other vehicles for potential mates

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Pink flamingos are very prone to brain damage and many of them develop a condition known as ‘flamingo spin’ where they just keep going around in circles there is no known way to cure it

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Other than humans, brown bears are the only species able to differentiate between applause and a standing ovation

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Not as prevalent or as well-known as mad cow disease, the bovine form of rabies known colloquially as “moobies” can cause formerly docile cows to become very aggressive

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Trans-speciesism is becoming increasingly common among domestic dogs.

if your dog wants to be a bird, support them. but make it clear to them that they can’t fly.
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The invention of modern electric driers improved the speed and effectiveness of cat drying.

before this phase, cats needed to be dried by a combination of sunlight and the application of rare himalayan maple leaves, which cost families and industries thousands of dollars monthly.
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Ducks are adapting to hunting by learning to serpentine their heads while they walk to avoid head shots

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Rust belt americans believe that booping kittens may bring good luck.

every year dozens of kittens die of being overbooped.
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As a display of dominance male kangaroos will present their testicles and fondle them.

these displays can go on for several minutes. if both kangaroos are especially aggressive it can last for hours