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This market is not giving me a chance to take some time off.

For now (I have not looked very good), but my first thought is, if we stay in a range of like 7800/8200, that we might make a big drop again to 6200/6800. Depending on volume, I will be able to judge if we continue the rally again or not. Seeing many people waiting for 5k prices again, I don’t think it will happen soon. We could see them again, but I don’t think with the current waves. Maybe in like 2/4 months again.
Also when looking at eth, where I was expecting a move to 255/260 to drop again. It’s easy to get bullish again, why planning ahead helps to stay objective. So this is also a reason for why I think my thoughts above are likely.
But need to see the coming 12 hours or so first to how it plays out. So for now just watching
I will try to make an analysis again later today.
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7600ish is a resistance level , the previous neckline of that H&S (or double top ).

Volumewas not huge on the dump, so i am not convinced yet that THE high is set and that we start to dump again. Just keeping options open at this point. When the bear flag is real, we should normally not touch the 7600. Usually we see it getting sold below that level (if the resistance is real), so more like 7500/7550. A bullishversion, would mean a few tests of 6800/7000 coming days. So seeing something like a rounding bottom, as i have drawn on the left. For this to happen, it will most likely take several days. Important factor will be the alts as well, if they gain strength, that would increase the chances for bullish outcome. If they remain flat or dropeven, than bearish scenario will be in favor. I think the 6200/6400 will be an important level for the bulls coming week or so. A break of that level would take away the scenario that this big dump was just a healthy correction of the big rally we had past month. I have mentioned many times already, corrections after a big move are usually fast and violent. Now of course not as insane as we had today, but maybe we could look at Bitfinex price, where it only dropped to 7000. That one is normal then. 6800ish is still an important level but for abullish outcome, i think it should not break 6900ish coming weekend. So many variables at this point, but it's premature to think the Bear market has started again. We need to see how things go first coming days. I actually decided to take a small break yesterday told everyone that i would only update if an extreme move would happen, so the break was very short. Later today i will try to do a bit more research and will try to narrow the scenario's down a bit.
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Still a long way to go, but if we see a fast drop coming 4 hours or so, to 7600, than i think we will have an H&S on our hands that will take us to 6600.

It's not likely at this point, but if we see a fast drop the 7600, very like to see it break and trigger an H&S. Just giving an headsup in case it happens
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