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The official Telegram Desktop channel, firsthand information from the developer. Poor attempts to write a C++ developer blog can be found here: @tdesktop_cpp
Telegram Desktop

In the new 1.6 stable version music and video streaming has finally arrived to Telegram Desktop!

You can download it from or update to it in Settings > Advanced.
Mac App Store and Windows Store versions with this feature will be available soon.
Telegram Desktop

Beta version 1.4.4 finally updates emoji! It also allows you to scale the Telegram interface up to 300%.

On macOS retina screens you can now scale the interface as well, up to 150% (before it was not possible at all). You may need that on iMacs :)
You can download it here:
Telegram Desktop

New version 1.3.13 is out! Export any chat or channel history from '...'-menu.

Choose what media types (photos / stickers / files / etc) you would like to export and what will be file size limit and you'll get full messages history in a nice HTML format.
New night theme and improved theme management.
You get a new nice default dark theme and you'll be able to set a custom day theme + custom night theme (check out some themes in this channel ). You can always quickly switch between (your custom) day and night themes in the main menu,
Telegram Desktop

In case you can't update Telegram Desktop because Telegram is blocked in your country, here are the files for the new version 1.3.7.

This version is optimized for censorship circumvention and can update itself automatically.
Warning! Never install and launch files from untrusted sources. Make sure that you download the files from the verified Telegram Desktop channel.
Telegram Desktop

Finally version 1.3 is available for download and from Mac App Store and Microsoft Store.

- It should work better in countries that are blocking Telegram.
- It should be able to autoupdate better.
- It supports saving several proxies in Connection Settings, including MTProto proxy support.
- Also you can use Socks5 proxies for calls.
- And finally you can use formatting (select text and Ctrl/Cmd + B/I for Bold/Italic, Ctrl/Cmd + K for a link with custom text, Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + M for monospace font).
If in Settings when you try to update from 1.2.17 you see "Latest version is installed." — this means that my autoupdate site is unavailable :( Please install the version 1.3 from or (if this link isn't opening for you) from GitHub releases page:
After that it should autoupdate just fine.
Telegram Desktop

New 1.2.7 alpha version is released today. It offers you a fast reply button in your group chats.

Happy New Year to all Telegram Desktop users! 🎉 😃
Telegram Desktop

New stable version 1.2.6 of Telegram Desktop is available.

It supports viewing and sending of grouped media albums. You can read about albums here:
The update is available on the official website , as an auto-update in Settings and on Mac App Store. It will be available in Microsoft Store in a couple of days.
Telegram Desktop

That was a really long pause — sorry for that. And finally a stable version 1.2 is out!

If you use a large Telegram Desktop window it will be showing more content for you now, thanks to the new three column layout.
Telegram Desktop

In the latest 1.1.11 alpha version of Telegram Desktop you can write bold text (just surround it with **) and italic text (just surround it with __).

If you're already using alpha version just update to 1.1.11 in Settings.
If you don't you can try it from here:
Telegram Desktop

Today calls are added to the alpha version of Telegram Desktop!

The alpha version gets all the features first, but is less tested than the stable version. You can try this 1.0.36 alpha version from