Detective Conan

Uploaded Detective Conan (jap audio, eng subtitles) in mp4 (mostly 720p). questions (will take a while): @kiritjom_42
Detective Conan

[Latest Telegram Update ❌]. I apologise for using this channel to such ends, but the ends justify the means.

Telegram has been a huge part of my life, same for the rest of the team and community. I've always felt safe on the platform, until today. Today, I feel like I have lost freedom and control.
Here's what that update does :
Say Bob and Alice have a normal chat, in PM (not a secret chat, a normal PM).
Bob can now delete a message sent by Alice from BOTH sides, without Alice's approval.
This means that all of the messages you have ever and will ever send are at risk of being deleted FOREVER by your correspondants. (Even by mistake)
None of us thinks this a good update, bring danger, scam, and making telegram unsafe, which hurts because we love Telegram.
See more there
If this frightens you, and you are against it, please vote AWFUL to this poll, and SHARE it around, explaining the problem.
Detective Conan

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