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Facts Fever ™

Going back to old scribbles in ink, were these thoughts mine? So beautifully crafted,

without any emojis.
Written spontaneously,
words had more power than those yellow pictures.
No umm, no hmm,
no need for the dot dot dot,
no giving the reader a space to put their thoughts.
This was my text, my thinking,
my beliefs.
A story I believed.
Ideologies were my characters, chaos was reduced to my soliloquy.
Simple tone and simple words,
just like my bookshelf of classic books.
My words,
lifted me up.
Antivenom made from snake poison.
When I wanted to give up,
when I felt too dark for humanity,
when I couldn't stop over thinking simple observations,
This pulled me up;
made me realize that darkness was a phase.
And it will make me grow beautifully.
After all, plants grow taller in dark too.
Facts Fever ™

Tooth enamel is harder than steel. It’s composed of mineralized calcium phosphate, which is the single hardest substance any living being can produce.

Your tooth enamel is harder than a lobster’s shell or a rhino’s horn.
(And yet a walnut is pain in ass)
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Facts Fever ™

India broke a Guinness World Record, planted 66 million trees in just 12 hours!!

(It is not hard to make a change and be the change you want to see in the world)
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Facts Fever ™

With less than 24 hours notice before the 2014 Olympics Hockey final Canada vs Sweden, Alberta changed the liquor law to allow bars to open at 5 am and serve liquor so people could watch the game at the bar. @FactsFever #AlbertaFacts

Facts Fever ™

The "Pinky Promise" originally meant that the person who breaks the promise must cut off their pinky finger.

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Facts Fever ™

The British Secret Service really can issue a “license to kill”.

It’s called a Class Seven authorization and must be approved by the MI6 agent’s superiors all the way up to the Foreign Minister.
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Facts Fever ™

A cave dweller or troglodyte , is a human being who inhabits a cave or the area beneath the Over hanging rocks of a cliff.

It is not just a prehistoric habitat even in 2012, over 30 million Chinese make their homes in caves, according to a recent report by the Los Angeles Times. Reporting from Yanan, China, the newspaper details the varieties of cavedwellers' experiences. Many live in Shaanxi province, where the region's porous soil is particularly well-suited for easy digging.
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The first shopping mall ‘Trajan’s Market’ was built in Rome in 2nd Century AD.

It had over 150 outlets selling clothes, food, vegetables, fruits, drinks and spices.
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Rastafarianism, developed in Jamaica in the 1930s, uses former Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie as its spiritual leader.

Although Selassie
(known as Jah to Rastas) died in 1975, his death is not accepted and many believe he will one day return.
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The oldest tree 🎄 alive is a bristle cone pine tree in California and is almost 5000 years old 🧓.

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