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This argument contains a suggestion given by the chairperson of a department to the president of the Pierce University that is based on a study conducted by Bronston College that is located in a small town like Pierce University. This study concludes that if the university is interested in attracting gifted teachers and researches, then the university should give job offers to the spouse of each new talented teacher. This study concludes that the teachers will be happier staying in small towns if their spouses will be in the same geographical area. However, this argument seems a little doubtful as it is not supported by evidence and the author has not taken care of all the situations.
First of all the study is done by Bronston College and not by the university itself. The Pierce University and the Bronston College have only one thing in common that both of them are situated in small towns. The author has not talked about the environments of the two places, number of students, and the reputation of the two institutions. A teacher will also consider all these things while accepting a job offer. Hence, whether the study done by Bronston College will work for the Pierce University or not, has to be taken care of.
The second reason that the author has mentioned is that the teachers are happier staying in small towns when their spouses are in the same geographical area. Here again, the author is just assuming the case of teachers in the small town. The same may be true for the teachers in the cities. This possibility can also be true. There is also the possibility of teachers being happier because of the good and peaceful environment of the small town where the Bronston College lies in. The author has overlooked all these factors, hence, the argument cannot be concluded on the basis of these statements.
Another factor is that the chairperson has mentioned is that the University should take this measure to attract the most gifted teachers. However, that is also not guaranteed as if a person is more talented then most of the times that person is ambitious. In this case, they would be more interested in getting jobs in a better university like Harvard or MIT. They would also give preference to the conditions of the laboratory and the salary given by the University. All these factors make the chairperson's recommendations less valuable.
Even if it will attract the most gifted teachers and researchers and improve the morale of their entire staff, the chairperson has not provided any evidence that the results of the new policy will be profitable. Hence, even though the recommendations of the chairperson are true, they are not well supported. The chairperson should have provided evidence to ensure that the Bronston College's study is well appropriate for Pierce University. There should have been strong reasons for the most gifted teachers and researchers preferring Pierce University and not the other universities or colleges. There should also be a study for the cost effectiveness of this recommendation.


Some studies conducted by Bronston College, which is also located in a small town, reveal that both male and female professors are happier living in small towns when their spouses are also employed in the same geographic area. Therefore, in the interest of attracting the most gifted teachers and researchers to our faculty and improving the morale of our entire staff, we at Pierce University should offer employment to the spouse of each new faculty member we hire. Although we cannot expect all offers to be accepted or to be viewed as an ideal job offer, the money invested in this effort will clearly be well spent because, if their spouses have a chance of employment, new professors will be more likely to accept our offers.

فایل کتاب پسوند epub است که با گوشی های اپل و لپتاپ مک سازگار است و برای ویندوز باید reader ان را نصب کنید


do you know any other words with the same roots? For example:

Dictator, dictation, dictionary, predict, indicate, cool yes? What about malignant, malfunction, malpractice

Useful words for today: 1.Cognomen: an extra personal name given to an ancient Roman citizen

2. Diatribe: a forceful and bitter verbal attack against someone or something
3. Apologia:a formal written defense of one's opinions or conduc
4. Injunction:an authoritative warning or order
5. Dictum: a formal pronouncement from an authoritative source

Sociologists are investigationg why people of certain societies have a greater ....

for violence than those of other societies.
A. liking
B. nomanclature
C. proclivity
D. ability
E. predilection
F. capacity
choose the two correct answers.

Contraception as a government policy has been the subject of often .....

debate, but leaders of countries with very large populations such as China believe that they have no realistic alternative to taking steps to limit population growth.
A. vociferous
B. acrimonious
C. tendentious
D. bitter
E. endless
F. exemplary
choose the two right answers

Sorry E: is cogent not gogent. the answers are A and C

"Recondite" and "esoteric" mean "little known"
"cogent" means clear, logical and convincing and "tenuous" means very weak

which two words fill in the blank:

Many of the laws of nature formulated by modern physics challenge conventional thinking and are so .........that they cannot be understood by lay people;however, most people accept them on the authority of reputable scientists.
A. recondite
B. tenuous
C. esoteric
D. singular
E. gogent
F. logical