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Happy Tuesday! I hope you enjoy your summer.

:) Here is a new bunch of links from HR world and not only.
Grow your team by focusing on strengths not weaknesses
David Lynch, Engineering Manager at Intercom, says that focusing on improving weaknesses is more likely to lead to mediocrity rather than high performance in a team. Here’s a tool that you can use to assess strengths and help your team to get stronger at what they’re already good at.
This Is Why Your Best Developers Keep Quitting
It’s one thing to hire a bunch of junior developers. It’s another to retain the experienced people who’ll mentor them. Read about reasons why your best tech talent might be contemplating an exit, and what it takes to prevent that.
17 Recruiting Metrics You Should Know About
Traditionally one post from the list is from HR Analytics Blog. This time it’s about the relevance of recruiting metrics.
Price points for Google Hire platform released
In case you missed it. Google has released the pricing points for its new recruiting platform, Google Hire.
How to Make a Change Management Strategy (and Defuse the Growth Time Bomb)
“Change management is a way of making sure that any changes you make in your organization, team, or processes are applied and maintained effectively.” Ben Mulholland from Process Street wrote a great post about change management with lots of theory and practical details.
The New Class of Digital Leaders
In addition to the post above about change management this article is focused on the role of an executive who manages digital transformation of the company. Read about major obstacles of implementing a digital strategy such as d hoc digital initiatives spread throughout a large organization, lacking central oversight; a traditional culture that resists change; a gap in the talent required, etc. and how new leaders can manage with them.
The next big corporate trend? Actually having ethics.
“We’re entering an era in which every single company has to go from self-protective, “check-the-box” compliance to a long-term focus on ethics, values and compliance.” Brilliant post by Patrick Quinlan (Founder and CEO, Convercent). Definitely we remember this year as a year of corporate scandals. And it’s not only about sexual harassment and discrimination at Uber or ‘dragging’ incident at United’s - the problem is much more widespread (you can read more stuff about it here ). Patrick underlines that strong ethics and core values are no longer a “nice to have,” but a necessity. And it’s hard not to agree with him.
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Happy Friday,. it’s been awhile since the lust bunch of links I posted here.

Sorry for a long pause!
This issue focuses on Leadership and Mentorship, and I hope you enjoy reading it.
10 Senior Leadership Lessons I Wish I Learned Sooner
A list of twits by Julia Grace (Director of Infrastructure Engineering at @SlackHQ ) about leadership and management transition.
Coaching should be thoughtfully and carefully applied or not done at all.
“Coaching” is a buzz word these days. But how many companies have “coaching culture”? If you plan to include coaching in your talent management strategy or struggle with inefficient coaching you should read this article. Maybe you’re not ready to introduce coaching in your company and need to fix some other issues before.
Your Company Needs An In-House Career Coach, Not Another Training Program
Daniel Dowling reflects on the difference between In-House coaching and training programs. It turns up that training programs are cheaper and more flexible at first but according to the article corporate training programs cost $700–$1,200 per employee in the US and it’s not all that simple.
Why Millennials Quit: Understanding a New Workforce [Report]
A brief resume of research by Deloitte about the main reasons why Millennials quit their job. There are not many new insights in this research but among other things, it’s worth noting that Millennials with worthwhile mentors report high satisfaction which results in higher retention numbers.
The role of empathetic leaders in recruiting, engaging and retaining talent
New research from Businessolver indicates that empathy coming from the top of the organization plays an important role in employee engagement and performance. In their second annual Workplace Empathy Monitor, the company found that less than half of US employees rate their organizations as empathetic, yet 85% believe empathy is highly undervalued by businesses.
Four Conversations That Boost Employee Engagement
And the last article in this issue is about employee engagement. There are four conversations that every leader should be having on a routine basis to increase employee engagement.
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Happy Friday,. here are a few interesting reads to make your weekend even better :)

The Ultimate Employee Handbook Guide
A well illustrated free ebook with advice how to create an employee handbook that makes sense - just in case if you miss it. You’ll learn: what makes a great employee handbook and why you need one, how to write a handbook employees will actually read, the most important policies to include, and much more! Must read.
Ready To Scrap Your Annual Performance Reviews? Try These Alternatives
It’s no secret that performance reviews have been on deathwatch in recent years. In this article, Pavithra Mohan writes what companies from Facebook to Warby Parker are putting in performance reviews’ place.
How to Calculate the Cost of Employee Disengagement
A really easy formula to calculate the cost of employee disengagement. Paul Petrone concludes, logically, from two Gallup research that for 5,000 employees the average cost of employee disengagement is $17.5 million a year. It’s impressive, isn’t it?
Why Do So Many Managers Avoid Giving Praise?
“if you want to be seen as a good feedback-giver, you should proactively develop the skill of giving praise as well as criticism. Giving positive feedback shows your direct reports that you are in their corner, and that you want them to win and to succeed.” A great post by Jack Zenger about the importance of positive feedback.
Have a great day!
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Happy Thursday! Starting today I'm going to publish HR weekly digest in telegraph format.

Here is the link to the first issue -
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A lot of insights on how to conduct interviews in a great post by Adam Bryant "How to hire the right person"
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In case if you missed it - Everything Is Digital: Ten HR and Talent Predictions for 2020 by Bersin
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Employee Engagement Analytics: How to Do it and Add Value
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How Startups Make Offers People Sign.

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Six Powerful Ways Your HR Team Can Leverage Big Data
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