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A Higher Purpose At Every Step - 3

A very important aspect of a higher purpose in our lives is making every moment of our lives so beautiful and positive that it is remembered by each and every person interacting with us, in our homes, at our workplace or in any other sphere of life. Suppose you have to give a speech to a large number of people. You prepare immensely to ensure that your speech delivery is good, the content you share is appreciated and also everyone likes listening to your words. Don’t you think more than just once about how you present yourself in front of many people? Why? Because it matters to you how people see and perceive you. In the same manner, when we perform some other actions in the whole day, take care and ensure that everything you do is of a higher quality and not just ordinary.
Make every action so special and so full of good qualities that others like every moment of being with you and not only feel happy in your company but also full of peace, love and power and also the truth. Some people are very pure and truthful and just being with them is a beautiful experience. What makes them different from others? They carry treasures of beautiful personality characteristics like humility, love and care as well as concern for others which are unmatched. Also, they have an awakened inner spirit that wants to serve everyone and ignite the lamp of goodness in everyone, throughknowledge of how to be a nice person and how to perform only good and pure actions. So, make your life special by being such a special and shining living star, who lives life with a higher purpose and spreads the light of that purpose through every action, in the lives of others.
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A Higher Purpose at Every Step

A very important aspect of keeping a higher purpose in every action, even if that action is a very ordinary action like Preparing food or driving a vehicle or working on your Mobile or computer, is keeping a higher consciousness. A higher consciousness means a positive state of mind, a state of mind full of mental strength and determination, full of the surety of success and along with that very stable and fearless. Also, a higher consciousness means a mind full of only positive and necessary thoughts and no negative and unnecessary thoughts. So, you need to check and keep such a higher mental state, which will always bring you victory at every step, because where there is the inner power of faith, victory is guaranteed. Keeping a state of mind focused only the actions you are performing and taking care that the actions are performed well, is not enough to get success in the actions alone.
Example - if you are working on a project in your workplace, and you have various tasks to perform in the project. Taking care of all those tasks is natural and you should and will look after them, but if you keep an ordinary consciousness, then there will be more obstacles in the tasks and it will even take longer to complete. Also, there will be more problems and issues of differences of personalities in interactions with people involved in the project. So, in such a case, if everyone involved in the task would begin their day with something good to read, some spiritual wisdom, some positive thoughts, some food for the mind, then the project and all its tasks would be done much sooner. Also, there would be greater amount of success in them.
So, a higher consciousness means a higher purpose for the mind. Over-thinking about a task and becoming stressed about it is a sign of an ordinary purpose. A higher purpose means a positively empowered mind which thinks above the ordinary day-to-day tasks.
Make your Life Happy a Higher Purpose
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A Higher Purpose At Every Step

A beautiful and important purpose of our lives is to make everyday important and worthwhile and also make sure that each moment of our lives is to spend on valuable method.
How does one ensure and how does one know the right way of spending time? Suppose I am visiting a friend of mine and I will have a few things to discuss with him about our lives. In such a case, is this the only purpose of my meeting or can I have a higher purpose or should have a higher purpose? A higher purpose means being a virtue filled person having virtues or qualities expressed through my words and actions when I interact with my friend. Also, do I give the experience of my virtues to the other person or are they experienced only by me? Another aspect of a higher purpose in this type of meeting would be giving happiness and giving and receiving blessings. After such an interaction, do I experience contentment at the level of the heart or a deep-rooted feeling of happiness of having contributed to the other person in a higher way? Or do I just feel superficially happy for a short period of time and the interaction is forgotten? These are some of the few things to observe and make a part of every action. We have given an example of interaction or meeting a person, which is something we do the whole day - we meet a number of different types of people all the time.
Let us look for higher purposes in everything we do. Let us give, share and donate our inner treasures of peace, love and joy to everyone we meet and let us experience these treasures in every action that we perform. Just living from morning to night with no higher purpose is almost living like machines, just performing actions, with temporary purposes.
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As much as Christmas is a season of joy and excitement, it is also a time for radiating love and forgiveness.

Why is it so difficult for us to forgive others? Sometimes, even years after it has happened; sometimes even after they have apologized; why can we not forgive? We hold them responsible for our pain and because we do not heal our self we continue to hold on to the pain. Replaying the moment again and again on our mind, we emotionally abuse our self; we punish our self for their mistakes. Forgiving someone means that we do not allow the person or the situation to live on our mind any more. We understand that we harmed our self more and longer than they did. Let us not carry our wounds into the New Year. They harmed us, but we create the pain and we can heal our self. I forgive myself, I forgive them, the karmic account is over.
The Christmas Tree symbolizes humanity. Green represents life, nourishment and freshness. The trunk reminds that we were all united in one religion of peace, love and truth. We later divided as branches into different religions and each religion branched out further, as represented by twigs. The leaves correspond to souls of The Tree of Humanity and the Shining Star on top symbolizes the Supreme Soul. Decorating the Christmas Tree inspires us to decorate the soul with compassion, love and truth. The lights remind us to illuminate the soul with spiritual wisdom. Santa Claus coming through the soot covered chimney symbolizes the Supreme God Father who comes in these times of darkness into the emotionally polluted world to give us gifts we ask Him for every day. The gifts of purity, unity, love and peace. Let us shift from Invoking Angels to Being an Angel. An angel playing the role of a parent, a spouse, a boss, a friend or a stranger on the road. When we shift from seeking love and happiness to giving it to all unconditionally, we heal and empower souls and the world. Become the Angel the world is looking for.
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I walked into a hotel and after going to the menu, I ordered some food.

After about 20mins a group of guys and ladies walked in & ordered theirs. To my dismay, these folks got served first. I watched as they began to eat & laugh heartily. I even overhead one of them bragging about how he's connected to everyone in the hotel and I felt mocked. I decided to leave. Unable to take it anymore, I called the waiter. He calmly told me : " yours is a special order, being prepared by the chief chef himself. Theirs orders were prepared hurriedly by students on attachment because the top chefs are busy with yours. That's why they were served first. Please have some juice as you wait". I calmed down & waited patiently.
Shortly after, my meal was served by 6 waiters. Unknown to me, the owner of the hotel (who happened to be an old long lost friend of mine) saw me when I entered and decided to surprise me. She changed my simple meal to a five-star meal. The party at the other table were shocked. They couldn't stop staring. Suddenly they were the ones murmuring, asking why they didn't get that kind of service and meal.
Such is life ! Some people are ahead of you and are eating now, laughing at you and talking about how they are smarter, wiser and better than you, how they are well connected , blessed, have money and are enjoying life. You are waiting tirelessly wondering why its taking so long to breakthrough, You endure mockery and humiliation. May be you've contemplated suicide, gone through depression or suffered severe mental anxiety. Don't you worry ! The owner of the world has seen you & doesn't want you to be served a simple meal like those making a mockery of you.
You're waiting long because yours is a special meal. It takes time to prepare. And only chief chefs prepare them.
Wait for your meal and relax. When it comes that laughing party will be silenced for good.
Stay blessed enjoy your day! This is my word of encouragement to you today.
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Dear Friends. Did you observe? In telegram Group, The photos, Messages and Videos posted are still intact after so many months and also will remain after a decade without occupying data storage.

Why we use Whatsapp?
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Negative Control And Positive Influence. The power of influence in relationships is extraordinary, but it practically disappears when we try to exercise control and force.

You can influence anyone positively in many ways:
- encouraging,
- sharing,
- listening,
- communicating in the right way.
In negative control we generate stress, frustration and anger. In positive influence the energy flows in a relaxed way with harmony and is not threatening, respecting each one for their specialty and allowing each one to be as they are.
In order to influence positively we need the power of discrimination and judgement in relation to what to say and what to do e.g. when you believe that the other person is the problem; generally the problem is not what others say or do, but rather how you perceive them. The way that you judge is what creates your negative feelings about them. We have the choice to perceive others as a threat, as a problem, or as an opportunity; an opportunity for learning, for change, for dialogue and understanding. We can choose to have compassion (kindness); to feel that the other is a problem indicates a lack of compassion.
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The Invisible Impressions That Shape Me

While the mind and intellect are two faculties of the soul which play their role on the surface of our consciousness; at a deeper level, hidden beneath these two faculties, there lies a third faculty commonly called the sanskaras. The sanskaras are not only a storehouse of personality traits, as we commonly know it to be, but a storehouse of millions and millions of impressions or imprints. Such a large number of impressions are created by millions of experiences that I go through my sense organs not only in this life but in all my lifetimes. Everything that I hear, see, touch, taste, etc. I process or analyze or summarize in my own unique way; basically, I give the experiences a unique form depending on my personality before this form gets stored in the form of impressions inside me. I even process my subtle experiences, which are in the form of thoughts and feelings.
This process of experiencing and processing takes place during each and every second of my life including the time I sleep when my mind may not be experiencing a lot but it is busy processing the physical and subtle experiences of the day that has gone by and storing the processed information in the form of impressions. From this, one can get an idea of the magnitude of the database of impressions stored within me, the being. These imprints which are unique to me, make up my sanskaras and shape up my unique personality in a cyclic process. My personality shapes what type of impressions are created out of my experiences and the impressions, in turn, shape my personality, my thoughts, words and actions e.g. if I constantly keep the company of people who gossip, a large number of respective impressions based on the experience of gossiping keep getting stored inside me, which in turn influence my personality, the personality characteristic gets stronger and over a period of time I do not find anything wrong with it and indulge in it more and more. As a result, more such impressions get stored. Thus it is a cyclic process.
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Creating Positive Circumstances. Why do we find it so hard to create positive circumstances, a positive future in our life?

One reason is we all have the tendency to spend most of our time in the past, reliving and replaying our memories. Look back on your average day and you may find that more than 3/4ths of your time is spent in the past (a lot of times without you realizing it). Not only do we try to relive the past, but we also attempt to change it! We attempt the impossible and, in so doing, we live in very small cycles where tomorrow tends to turn out similar to yesterday, and then we wonder why we do not have the power to change our lives. It feels like we do not have the will-power, we do not have the ability to change the circumstances in our lives, our destiny.
The past cannot be relived; it cannot be changed. The past is like a cupboard of old files. When you arrive at work every day, do you step into such a cupboard and spend the day there? The past is a great resource for learning and sometimes, a resource for useful information, but it is not a place to live. We can build on the old, but we cannot rewrite it. The future is the result of what we think, feel and do today. If today is the same as yesterday (because of constantly thinking about yesterday) then tomorrow will look and feel like yesterday and in this way, we feel we are stuck in a web and we get frustrated. We need to let go of the past if we want the future to shape up positively, different from yesterday, which is negative at times! The past is past. Drop it and keep dropping it.
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One who read the future. A man who lived a long time ago believed that he could read the future in the stars.

He called himself an Astrologer and spent his time at night gazing at the sky. He was always busy worrying about future and villagers often came to him, hoping to know what their future holds.
One evening he was walking along the open road outside the village. His eyes were fixed on the stars. He thought he saw there that the end of the world was at near. He lost in his thoughts about the future. As he was looking at the stars, he kept walking without looking down. Suddenly, he fell into a ditch full of mud and water.
He was sinking in the muddy water, and madly trying to claw at the slippery sides of the hole in his effort to climb out. He was unable to crawl out and fearing for his life, he started screaming for help. His cries for help soon brought the villagers running.
As they pulled him out of the mud, one of them said, “You pretend to read the future in the stars, and yet you fail to see what is at your feet! This may teach you to pay more attention to what is right in front of you, and let the future take care of itself.”
“What use is it,” said another, “to read the stars, when you can’t see what’s right here on the earth?”
Moral: We all want our future to be bright and happy, but the time doesn’t stop for anyone. Each tomorrow turns into today, your present is also a part your future. There is always a tomorrow to look forward to and improve, but you can’t go back to yesterday. So, maintain the balance of your present life while you work for a better tomorrow.