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First Telegram Data Science channel. Covering all technical and popular staff about anything related to Data Science: AI, Big Data, Machine Learning, Statistics, general Math and the applications of former. @opendatasciencebot for followers suggestions.
Data Science

Machine Learning for Everyone.

The best general intro post about Machine Learning, covering everything you need to know not to get overxcited about SkyNet and to get general understanding of all #ML / #AI hype. You can surely save this post into «Saved messages» and forward it to your friends to make them familiar with the subject
#entrylevel #novice #general
Data Science

Moscow ML Trainings telegram channel! ML Trainings are based on Kaggle and other platform competitions and are held regularly with free attendance and a live stream.

Winners and top performing participants discuss competition tasks, share their solutions, and results.
Join to watch videos from past ML Trainings and stay informed about new ones.
* Note: Now most of the videos are in Russian, but soon we English language / subtitle videos will be added, stay tuned and join channel.
Link: @mltrainings
Data Science

​​ Stanford researchers develop artificial intelligence tool to help detect brain aneurysms

Neural net for brain aneurysms detection
#CV #DL #healthcare #AI
Data Science

Microsoft quietly deleted largest public face recognition data set

This dataset was used for many projects. If you have available and want to preserve it with the respect to the initial copyrights, pm @malev .
Data Science

​​ AI Portraits - how AI sees you. Winner of the art contest. Blend of the art and technology.

#face #dl #cv
Data Science

Panel: A high-level app and dashboarding solution for the PyData ecosystem.

New framework for handling python dashboards.
#vizualization #panel #metrics #dashboard #python
Data Science

Small $ 60 camera for #CV tasks. JeVois — video sensor + quad-core CPU + USB video + serial port, all in a tiny, self-contained package size of a small coin.

Project site:
Link for shop:
#deeplearning #hardware #tensorflow
Data Science

MetroTwitter - What Twitter reveals about the differences between cities and the monoculture of the Bay Area

Researcher collected 96K bios + 180M tweets from Twitters users in 13 major cities and visualized the differences between these cities:
- How people describe themselves
- What they talk about
- Popular emojis
- Most unique city
Code and data are open-sourced.
Data Science

​​ Set of animated Artificial Intelligence cheatsheets covering Stanford's CS 221 class:

Reflex-based: http://
States-based: http://
Variables-based: http://
Logic-based: http://
#cheatsheet #Stanford
Data Science

🇮🇹If by any chance you are in Venice for week or two and would like to meet and talk about Data Science and have some caffe normale, pm @malev .