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Hi, I have written an eBook called ~ Money Agent Business In Kenya ~ How profitable is this business?

Kenyan banks, telecom companies and international companies are increasingly embracing the agency model to bring their services closer to the citizens in a way never envisaged before. Not only does it save the customer numerous hassles associated with visiting banking halls and customer care desks but also does it create a new revenue stream for business people.
Most people would like to start this agency business but they don`t know much about it and its legalities.
This ebook will educate you on various agency businesses in Kenya and how profitable they are. I will talk about Telcom money agencies such Mpesa. Banking money agencies such as Equity Money Agent, Co-op kwa Jirani and KCB Mtaani Agent.
I will also talk about the Shylock Business in Kenya, Buying & Selling Foreign Currency and conclude with highlighting Profitable Financial Services Business ideas In Kenya.
Personal Finance Books Channel

Hi, i have an eBook about Tomatoes Farming Agribusiness in Kenya written by my friend Timothy Angwenyi.

The market demand for tomatoes is always high in Kenya. This explains why tomato farming in Kenya is such a profitable business idea. Tomatoes grow very fast. Most tomato varieties in Kenya such as the Anna F1 reach maturity 60-75 days after transplanting.
A well grown tomato fruit can weigh more than 150 grams and give a yield of more than 30 tonnes per acre. In this eBook, you will find the following chapters:
Chapter 1: Introduction & Cost of starting Tomatoes Farming
Chapter 2: Ecological Requirements for successful cultivation
Chapter 3: Tomato Varieties
Chapter 4: Planting and Nursery Preparation
Chapter 5: Crop husbandry
Chapter 6: Pest and Diseases
Chapter 7: Harvesting
Chapter 8: Post harvest handling
Chapter 9: Tomato Marketing
This Tomatoes Farming eBook is very educative. It is 211 pages. Request for the eBook @ebookskenya100
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Break Out - Joel Osteen. #NYTbestseller. @ebookskenya100

In his dynamic, inspiring and faith-building new book, BREAK OUT: Five Ways To Go Beyond Your Barriers and Live an Extraordinary Life, best-selling author Joel Osteen provides practical steps and encouragement for creating a life without limitations. This book will help readers break out and break free so they can believe bigger, increase their productivity, improve their relationships and accomplish their dreams.
Osteen's uplifting message focuses on moving beyond barriers by:
*Daring to believe that the best will happen for us
*Adopting an irrepressible "break out" attitude
*Making room for increase
*Praying bold prayers
*Following God's plan beyond our circumstances.
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Hi, I have written an eBook called - The Book of Life - Change your Mind and Change your Life!

Do you believe that you can literally change your life and become successful by changing the way you think? If so, the next question is, how can you change the way you think? This eBook that can help you change the way you think and help you succeed more in life.
This eBook will provide you, the reader, the tools necessary to unlock your full innate human potential. If you no longer want your future to be your past, then start by changing your mind.
Change is constant in our lives. Acknowledge it. Accept it. Look beyond the past and today. Look forward and make your dreams come true. You are in full control. YOU and ONLY YOU can make positive changes for you to live a fulling life.
Let's make it happen!
Personal Finance Books Channel

INCOTECH: Hi, I have an eBook called - Agri-Marketing - a Step-by-Step Guide that educates on How to Find Market & Sell Your Agricultural Produce at Better Prices for High Profits...

written by Mr. Timothy Angwenyi.
In this eBook, you will learn some brilliant marketing strategies that can make your agribusiness more profitable. Marketing is the blood of any agribusiness and a single marketing strategy can transport an agribusiness from zero to hero.
In this eBook you will find:
Chapter 1: Smart Marketing Strategies for Agripreneurs
Chapter 2: How to Write a Marketing Plan for Your Farm
Chapter 3: Advertising & Techniques to Sell Your Produce Fast
Chapter 4: Pricing Strategies: How to Price Your Produce for Great Profit
Chapter 5: 50+ Marketing Ideas to Get New Customers & Clients for your Agribusiness
Chapter 6: How to Sell Your Agricultural Products Online
Chapter 7: Where to find market for your farm produce in Kenya
Chapter 8: Exporting Your Farm Produce
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INCOTECH: Hi, I have written an eBook called - Fashion Business - Making Money from Boutique & Mitumba business In Kenya.

Are you a passionate business person and want to start a fashion business either a boutique, clothing line (firsthand or mitumba), jewelry, shoe business e.t.c in Kenya? Are you in the dark about what activities you should do to ensure that your fashion business succeeds?
The big question is: Are you willing to learn how to start a successful fashion business? If yes, then this ebook will be your guide.
You will learn alot of things in this ebook such as: How mitumba business works in Kenya, Importing of clothes, shoes and jewelry from Dubai, UK, USA and China, Setting up your boutique stall and how much you need, How to become a fashion designer and much more...
You can get a PDF soft copy of this eBook at only Ksh.220.
Personal Finance Books Channel

Hi, I have written an eBook called - SACCO & Chama Business Explained - Learn How SACCO & Chama Business Works and How To Profit from Them.

Ever heard the story of the taxi driver who ended up owning an entire fleet of transport vehicles? Or the grocery lady who grew from one small kiosk to owning an entire estate of rental apartments? Well, behind all those sweet stories are little-known financial institutions commonly referred to as SACCOs and CHAMA.
In this eBook, i will be educating you on how SACCOs & CHAMAs work and how you can gain from them as a member. Also i will be listing some of the top SACCOs in Kenya, the benefits they offer to members and their contacts.
If you are already in a Chama or SACCO, i will also educate you on how to achieve success through various investment schemes. Above all, i included success stories of various individuals, SACCOs and Chamas in Kenya and how they made it.
Personal Finance Books Channel

Brian Tracy - Goals. 2. Brian Tracy - How to Master Your Time. 3.

Brian Tracy - Personal Time Management
4. Brian Tracy-The Science Of Self Confidence
5. Clason, George Samuel - The Richest Man In Babylon
6. Negotiating Agreements - Getting to YES
7. Rich Dad, Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki - 19 MP3 Audiobooks
8. Rich Dad's Cashflow quadrant
9. The 10X Rule Audiobook
10. The Total Money Makeover
11. Audio Book - The Total Money Makeover.rar
12. BrianTracy_Financial Success Strategies_Disk01.mp3
13. The Little Book of Common Sense Investing (Unabridged).m4b
14. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Rober Cialdini 2014
15. Be Obsessed or Be Average [book] by Grant Cardone [Dr.Soc]
16. Neil Gaiman - American Gods
17. Anthony Tony Robbins - Awaken The Giant Within - Full Book
18. Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind - Yuval Harari
19. 1984 by George Orwell (book)
20. The Art of War by Sun Tzu
21. Headspace - 365 Days of Guided Meditation
22. The Millionaire Booklet [book] by Grant Cardone [Dr.Soc]
23. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F ck by Mark Manson.m4b
24. Harry Potter Books 1-7; Read by Stephen Fry [MP3]
25. CD Henrique e Juliano - Ao Vivo Em Brasília
26. The Five Elements of Effective Thinking [Audiobook]
27. You Are a Badass [book] by Jen Sincero
28. TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking 2016
29. Brian Tracy - No Excuses The Power of Self-Discipline
30. Solving the Procrastination Puzzle —Timothy A. Pychyl book
31. Maiara & Maraisa Ao Vivo Em Goiania
32. Develop A Powerful Memory - Glenn Harrold -
33. Alan Watts- Out of Your Mind (The Essential Lectures)
34. Stephen.King.The.Dark.Tower.All.7..Books.Unabridged.TeNNRee
35. The 10X Rule book by Grant Cardone
36. Thinking, Fast and Slow - Daniel Kahneman
37. Learn Spanish Fast&Easy with Michel Thomas
38. The Way Of The Superior Man: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the
39. The Alchemist book by Paulo Coelho EarReaders
40. The Giants of Philosophy Series (Boxed Set) [Blackstone ]
41. Margaret Atwood - Handmaid's Tale (read by Claire Danes)
42. Success Through Stillness: Meditation Made Simple - Russell Simm
43. The Power of Habit - Charles Duhigg (organized + ebook)
Personal Finance Books Channel

Those starting farming or ongoing farmers information is the key to good farming..our ebooks will help you step by step on the specific areas of interest.

1)fish farming
2)Rabbit farming
3)Dairy cattle
4)Dairy goat
5)Bee keeping
6)mushroom production
7tomatoes open field
8)french beans
11)commercial poultry
12)ostrich farming
13)Turkey production
14)guinea fowl
15)passion fruit
17) mangoes
19)sweet potato
21) poultry feed formulation
22)dairy feed formulation
23)pig feed formulation
24) onion production
25) capsicum/hoho farming
26) cayenne chili farming
27) how to export agricultural products in kenya
28) Organic farming guide
29)dairy designs
30)ginger farming
31) tomato farming greenhouse
32) basil herb
33) african bird eye chili
35)mint farming
36)Rosemary farming
37)basil farming
38)chives farming
39)ginger farming
40)kales farming
41)egg plant/biringanya farming
42)pig rearing
43)fish feed making
44)cucumber growing
45)butternut growing
46 agribusiness proposals
and many other topics.
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6. You will receive an SMS with Instructions.
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Many people seek for spiritual and inspirational truths from the Bible. Are you aware what the Bible can offer?
The Bible is one of the most practical book ever written.
If you study the Bible carefully, you will realize that it relates to almost every area of our life. Money and material possession are not an exemption.