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Programmer Jokes

Don't worry. YouTube just unplugged internet cables by mistake..

Now they are trying to figure out where each cable should go. #YouTubeDown
Programmer Jokes

Last June, we started selling shirts. And we realized: the shirts were way too expensive.

We now have one new design. For the older designs, we moved everything to the front to reduce costs over 40%!
But this was not all. You probably drink more coffee than your entire family combined. So we got you covered. Check out the new store and find out what that means :)
TL;DR: cheaper shirts and awesome mugs :)
Programmer Jokes

We started this channel only for fun. For serving you all the greatest programming-related jokes without advertising.

We believe that is what our members would appreciate, so we will try continue this way!
You may remember a poll about a T-shirt campaign. This campaign finaly came to life and we are happy we can offer you all these great T-shirts :)
We created 3 designs for now:
- proh-gram-er
- css failed
- trust me, I'm a computer engineer
Make sure you enter the discount code: TELEGRAM to enjoy better prices :)
Programmer Jokes

And here comes our post with id 1000. Yes, thanks to you all we are still growing.

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Programmer Jokes

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Programmer Jokes

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Programmer Jokes

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Programmer Jokes

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Programmer Jokes

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Programmer Jokes

Telegram 3.14 : Instant View, Telegraph, and Other Goodies. ➡️ Instant View:

a elegant way to view your articles with zero pageload time. To try it out, use Telegram version 3.14 to share a link to a Medium post or a TechCrunch article. This will get you an Instant View button that immediately shows a native page, saving you time and data.
➡️ Telegraph: Today we are launching Telegraph – a publishing tool that lets you create rich posts with markdown, photos, and all sorts of embedded stuff. Telegraph posts get beautiful Instant View pages on Telegram.
To try it, go to , publish a story, and share it on Telegram. With Telegraph, your Telegram channel can run stories just like the mainstream media (although you may find it tricky to become as biased).
➡️ Jump to Date: You can now travel in time to any moment in the past. Just tap Search inside a chat and choose a day using the Calendar tool.
Unfortunately, this doesn't work with dates from the future. Sorry, no flying cars and hoverboards for you today.
➡️ View Pack for Recent Stickers: Remember all those times when you had a sad Pepe among your recently sent stickers? If you‘re like us, your natural desire would’ve been to reunite the sad Pepe with the rest of his family by scrolling to the Pepe pack in your sticker panel.
You can now do that in an instant: try a long tap (or 3D-touch on iOS) on a recent sticker, then choose ‘View Pack’. Hey presto! For some mysterious reason, this also works with non-Pepe stickers.
➡️ Groups in Common: Sometimes you want to find a group in your chats, but can‘t recall the title. Here’s a life-hack for you: think about a contact of yours that was also a member in that group. This association technique may help you bring back the title too. If it doesn‘t, open that contact’s profile and tap Groups in Common.
➡️ Android Strikes Back: Some of you Android users told us we loved iPhones more than Androids. That almost made us cry (remember the sad Pepe in our recent stickers?). To make things right with you, we fired our iOS dev, who was too good.
Well, not really. We simply locked ourselves in the coding basement for several weeks to bring you this:
- A slick new interface for creating groups and selecting users in privacy settings (shiny animations included).
- A new beautiful interface for notification settings.
- Improved security for passcode locks (your chats won't be seen in the task switcher now). This one also works on iOS.
- Improved camera speed when taking photos and videos.
- Better video compression.
- An improved and less obstructive photo viewer.
- Easier editing of messages and adding captions to photos.
ℹ️ @geeksChannel