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Few relations in earth never die. Do want to know what it is ? read again :

(f)few (r)relations (i)in (e)earth (n)never (d)die
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💥The Hand and Fingers. 🔹hand. 🔹thumb. 🔹index finger. 🔹middle finger

🔹ring finger
🔹little finger (informal: pinky finger)
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♨️Skin colour. 🌀fair-skinned: بور، روشن. 🌀dark-skinned: سبزه، تيره، گندمگون

رنگ روشن
✅people are black or white
but not
❌black-skinned or white-skinned.
We can say:
✅people are dark-skinned or fair-skinned.
We sometimes say that:
✅He / she has got a pale complexion
or that
✅they are pale-skinned
⚠️but if we just say that:
🌀somebody is pale or looks pale, it is because they aren't feeling very well.
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💥 Skin colors indicating sickness: ✳️ bloodless

🌀a bloodless face or skin is very pale
رنگ پریده
✳️ gray
🌀if someone’s face is gray, they look pale because they are sick or shocked
(چهره) رنگ پریده، بی رنگ
✳️ green
🌀if someone looks green, their face is pale and they look sick
رنگ پریده
✳️ sallow
🌀sallow skin is a pale yellow color and does not look healthy
چهره زرد و رنگ پریده
✳️ jaundiced
🌀looking sick and slightly yellow in color, especially because of illness
یرقان، زردی
✳️ pallid
🌀very pale in a way that does not look natural or good
زرد رنگ، رنگ پریده
✳️ (as) white as a sheet
🌀extremely pale
رنگ پریده، مثل گچ سفید
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♨️ these words are considered offensive when talking about one’s skin color: ✳️ yellow

🌀a very offensive word used for describing the color of the skin of people from some parts of Asia
زرد، زرد پوست
✳️ colored
🌀someone who is colored is a black person. Older white people sometimes use this word thinking it is polite, but black people consider it offensive.
سیاه پوست
✳️ negro
✳️black man
مرد سیاهپوست
✳️ dusky
🌀with dark skin. This word is now considered offensive.
سیه چرده
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♨️ how to describe people by skin color? ✳️white

🌀very pale in the face because you are frightened, angry, or sick
سفید پوست
✳️ Black
🌀people with black or dark brown skin, especially people who live in Africa or whose family originally came from Africa
سیاه پوست
✳️ brown
🌀with skin that is naturally brown or has been made brown by the sun
برنزه، گندمگون
✳️ dark
🌀if a white person is described as being dark, they have brown or black hair and sometimes skin that is not light in color
(پوست) سبزه، تیره، گندمگون
✳️ fair
🌀someone who is fair has light hair and pale skin
زرد و بور
✳️ complexioned
🌀someone who is dark or fair complexioned has dark or light skin
✳️ olive
🌀olive skin is yellowish brown in color
چهره گندمگون
✳️ swarthy
🌀MAINLY LITERARY someone who is swarthy has dark skin
سبزه، تیره
✳️ tanned
🌀BRITISH tan from the sun
برنزه، سوخته
✳️ bronzed
🌀someone who is bronzed has attractive brown skin because they have spent a lot of time in the sun
✳️ rosy
🌀pink and looking healthy
گلگون، سرخ
✳️ albino
🌀a person or animal with very pale skin, white hair or fur, and pink eyes caused by a medical condition that they were born with
✳️ freckled
🌀having a lot of freckles on the face
کک مکی، پر از کک و مک
✳️ peaches-and-cream
🌀peaches-and-cream skin is smooth, pale, and slightly pink
صورت سرخ و سفید
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♨️Sarah wears a lot of make-up. She looks better without it, if you ask me.

♨️I'm getting old. I'm starting to get wrinkles round my eyes.
♨️My sister's had her nose and eyebrow pierced. She looks quite good, actually.
♨️I had terrible spots when I was a teenager. No wonder I was so shy with girls.
♨️Fiona's got lovely high cheekbones. I find her very attractive.
♨️Peter's got a beautiful smooth completion- like a baby's.
♨️I don't like men with beard but I quite like the unshaven look - you know - one or two days without shaving.
♨️My mum's got a small, brown mole on one of her cheeks.
♨️I cut myself climbing a tree when I was ten and I've got this scar just below my ear.
♨️My grandfather looks really funny when he smiles because he's got two teeth missing and he refuses to wear false teeth.
💭 If a man always shaves, we say he is clean- shaven.
صورت دو تيغه، بي ريش و سبيل
🗣usefull phrases
🌀wear make-up
آرايش كردن
🌀get wrinkles
چروك شدن
سوراخ كردن( گوش و غيره)
🌀high cheekbones
گونه هاي برجسته
🌀smooth complexion
پوست نرم و لطيف
🌀men with beard
مردان ريشو
جاي زخم
🌀have two teeth missing
دو تا دندونش را نداره
🌀wearing false teeth
دندان مصنوعي گذاشتن
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I wash my hair three times a week using a regular shampoo and once a week I also use a conditioner.

I'm a bit bored with my hairstyle. I'd like to have much longer hair so I'm thinking about getting hair extensions. My boyfriend needs help with his hair. It's a bit greasy and he gets dandruff, so I bought him some anti-dandruff shampoo. He's also going a bit thin on top. In fact, he's going bald. He's thinking about having hair implant. I don't mind - as long as he doesn't start wearing a wig.
🔹regular shampoo
شامپو معمولي
نرم كننده
مدل مو
🔹get hair extention
اكستنشن مو
🔹get dandruff
شوره زدن
ضد شوره
🔹go thin
تنك شدن
🔹go bald
تاس شدن
🔹have hair implants
مو كاشتن
🔹wear a wig
كلاه گيس گذاشتن
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مي خواهم سرم را اصلاح كنم . I want a hair cut. لطفاً صورتم را اصلاح كنید .

I want a shave
خواهش مي كنم موهایم را زیاد كوتاه نكنید.
Please don’t cut it too short.
من فرقم را از وسط باز مي كنم .
I part my hair in the middle.
موهایت دارد مي ریزد (كم پشت است) احتیاج به داروي تقویت دارد
Your hair is getting rather thin. It needs a tonic.
لطفاً موهایم را كوتاه كنید .
I want my hair trimmed.
پشت گردنم را كوتاه كنید .
Trim it round the neck.
آیا مایلید موهایتان را شانه كنم؟
Do you want your hair to be combed?
آیا ادكلن بزنم؟
Would you like some eau de cologne?
هیچ چیز به موهایم نزنید .
Don’t put anything on my hair.
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🗣Now look at these phrases: 🔹She has straight blonde hair. (American)

🔹She has straight fair hair. (British)
او موی صاف طلایی دارد.
🔹She has wavy red hair.
او موی مواج قرمز دارد.
🔹She has curly black hair.
او موی مجعد مشکی دارد.
🔹I part my hair on the left.
فرقم را سمت چپ باز می کنم.
🔹I’m going to have my hair premed.
می خواهم موهایم را فر بزنم.
🔹She wants to have her hair dyed.
می خواهد موهایش را رنگ کند.
🔹I like your hairstyle.
از مدل موهایت خوشم می آید.
🔹Your daughter has nice bangs. (American)
🔹Your daughter has a nice fringe. (British)
دخترت چتری قشنگی دارد.
🔹She has a long beautiful pony tail.
او دم اسبی بلند و زیبایی دارد.
🔹She never wears her hair in a pony tail.
هیچ وقت موهایش را دم اسبی نمی کند.
🔹She has braided her hair (American)
🔹She has plaited her hair. (British)
موهایش را بافته است.
🔹When my hair was long, I used to wear it in braid.
وقتی که موهایم بلند بود آن را می بافتم.
🔹Her hair was long and swept back.
موهایش بلند بود و به طرف عقب شانه شده بود.
🔹She was wearing her hair in a bun.
موهایش را پشت سرش جمع کرده