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😝 Animated stickers, soon. (it may not work right now). 😝 Анимированные стикеры, уже скоро.

(пока могут не работать)
Telegram Stickers

COTI - Currency Of The Internet Telegram! COTI Is the only digital currency to offer a compelling alternative to existing payments systems and built for everyone.

It combines the best of traditional payments systems with the best of blockchain technologies to offer the fastest, easiest, most cost-effective and most trusted way to pay.
Our token pre-sale is launching soon! Secure your place and learn more:
Join our Telegram channel @cotichannel and leave feedback in our chat @cotinetwork
COTI - Currency of the Internet
A digital currency built for payments
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​​ 🎃 50 Halloween Stickerpacks 👻. 🔥 10 NEW. 💥 20 BEST. 🌟 20 Unofficial. 👇
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Если вы тоже любите полезные приложения и сайты, которые упрощают жизнь, то советуем канал @themarfa , автор канала договаривается с издателями платного ПО и выбивает для своих читателей большие скидки. Рекомендуем подписаться:

Telegram Stickers

Telegram has been updated to 4.3! Favorite Stickers

Anyone can create and upload stickers on Telegram. As a result, thousands of new stickers are added to the platform each day, and some of us have dozens of sticker sets installed.
Starting today, anyone with five or more sticker sets installed can mark individual stickers as ‘favorites’, and have them always accessible at the top of the sticker panel in the ‘star’ section.
New Stickers
Telegram Stickers

There are so many apps and social networks in our smartphone and laptop!

Now we don't know where to write, so that our message will surely be read. 🤔
For some, the main way of communication is messengers, but someone likes to communicate via mail or social networks. And it's so hard to decide where to send a message.
Service MSSGme solved this problem and collected all possible messengers and social networks on one page — on your future virtual business card! Try it! ✌️ And share the link with your friends, colleagues and customers.
Let them send a message to you in any social network or any messenger by one click!
Choose where to communicate, and communicate even more and more succesful! 😉
Here is mine 👉
Telegram Stickers

If you lost your stickers for a few minutes, don't worry! They're all back now.

If you still don't see them, this may be related to caching — reloading the app will help. Alternatively, just add a new pack. Try this one:
Telegram Stickers

🆕 Meow Meow Zhua Zhua. ↘️

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🆕 Doggy furry kid. ↘️

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🆕 Well, Happy New Year!'. ↘️

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