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Today's update allows you to add entire group chats as exceptions to any privacy settings.

Settings will adapt as people join or leave the groups.
We've also added a new privacy setting for Who Can See My Phone Number.
Channel admins can now link a discussion group to their channel. And developers can make bots that can seamlessly authorize you on web services.
Any public channel can now be viewed from the web, even without a Telegram account.
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Now is a good time to bring your friends and family to Telegram.
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Today's update brings archived chats and a host of new and redesigned features — just in time for spring cleaning.

Tidy things up with archived chats by separating work from play, and important from inactive. Copy links to messages in private groups and channels to point back to specific posts. Redirect forwards before sending to keep messages for their intended audiences only. See who else is up past their bedtime with online badges.
Android users can now select multiple chats for bulk actions, quickly pinning, muting, archiving or deleting in one sweep. The app’s icon and menus have a new look and new functions — introducing an expanded chat list, quick forwarding button, and a more robust sharing menu supporting emoji.
iOS now accommodates 6-digit passcodes and a new look for large emoji, as well as the option to clear recently used stickers.
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How did you like the privacy-focused update of Telegram?

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Today's update to Telegram apps introduces a new kind of private communication.

You can now "unsend" any message you sent or received in any private chat, anytime. You can also control when your messages link back to your account if forwarded. For good measure, we've also added an option to hide your profile picture from non-contacts.
Android users can now use emoji search to quickly find the yellow beasts they were looking for — and will get emoji suggestions for the first word they type in a message.
Both platforms also support improved sticker search — you can now find individual stickers based on the keywords for the relevant emoji.
All the important parts of our iOS app can now be accessed with VoiceOver and the Android app fully supports TalkBack.
More features from this update:
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Which feature you would like us to build next? Anonymous Poll 61% Video calls 16% Group voice calls 23% Folders for chats

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Introducing autoplaying videos, smart auto-download settings and support for multiple accounts.

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Introducing Chat Backgrounds 2.0. You can now make your own wallpapers or search for them on the web, apply effects like blur or motion, then share your backgrounds with others via links.

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Telegram for iOS and Android have just reached v5.2.

Group admins can set default permissions to restrict all members from posting specific kinds of content. Telegram groups can now have up to 200,000 members.
When you delete a chat or clear chat history, you'll get a detailed confirmation dialog and an option to restore the chat within the next 5 seconds.
We've also added new streamlined group settings, new contact sorting options, better thumbnails, improved animations, stylish new search bars on iOS, an improved dark mode on Android – and more.
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2018 was a great year for Telegram, but 2019 is going to be by far the most important one in our company's history.

In 2018, more and more people discovered Telegram and switched to it from services run by ad-selling IT monopolies.
As a result, Telegram became one of the few messaging apps that are enjoying significant growth globally.
Building on the success of the last year, this year we are going to implement many long-awaited product changes you have been asking for.
2019 will be the time when feature-related wishes of our users come true.