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Telegram Beta

A sample/known list of bugs and glitches in the Telegram apps for Android, iOS, and React JS.
Telegram Beta

The bonus stage for the iOS, Android and JS developers who won the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in the final stages of our Chart Coding Contest is starting today.

Prizes: $100,000 to be distributed among the 32 eligible developers on 3 platforms.
Dates: June 15, 2019 - June 23, 2019 (11:59PM CET).
Task: Identify imperfections in one of the Telegram apps – glitches, bugs, sloppy animations, instances of slow speed – anything that after having been fixed or optimized would result in meaningful and noticeable improvement from a user’s perspective. Download the source code of Telegram and fix the imperfections you identified. Compile your own version of Telegram and upload it to @jobs_bot (as APK /IPA/ZIP), together with a link to your fork’s pull request on GitHub and a description of improvements implemented.
The more imperfections / glitches / bugs you identify and fix, the higher the reward (provided we like the code).
This is one of the most generous developers’ contests we’ve held so far with at least $100,000 to be distributed among a maximum of 32 developers. This way we’d like to further reward those who showed great results in our previous contests.
The task, however, is not for everybody: you will have to make sense of a largely undocumented piece of code, proactively search for issues (potentially getting feedback from users/designers/testers) and find creative ways to fix imperfections without causing negative side effects to Telegram’s performance or usability. We do not recommend implementing new features requested by users (such as client-side folders / invisible mode etc); we would rather advise the participants to focus on eliminating imperfections in the existing features, and improving the app’s ease of use or visual appeal. Of course, this may also involve user experience on iPads/tablets.
Compilation guide for iOS:
Compilation guide for Android:
Compilation guide for JS: (unlike the iOS and Android apps above, the react JS app is not an stable production version of Telegram, so JS developers will have an easier time identifying bugs and imperfections to fix).
@jobs_bot will start accepting the apps (APKs/IPAs) and corresponding GitHub links on June, 20.
To help you get a better idea of the goals, tomorrow we’ll publish a small list of glitches/bugs/imperfections that can serve as good examples of issues we expect the developers to focus on.
We hope this new bonus contest will help developers perfect their already incredible skills and learn new approaches. Good luck!
UPD: We added 4 JS developers who took part in the bonus JS stage to the list of 32 developers eligible to take part in this contest. Please note that if you want to access the experimental React version of Telegram from Russia, Iran or China, you will have to use a VPN.
Telegram Beta

Today we are starting a contest for UI designers. The task is to create UI visualizations of voice calls on Telegram.

The minimum prize budget of $10,000 will be distributed among the authors of best works.
We expect UI animations showing how a user starts, accepts and ends voice calls. You may also include static images you deem necessary. All videos/pngs should be sent to @design_bot before 11:59PM CET June 22, 2019. We expect pixel-perfect graphics and “wow-effects” in animations. You may also want to show the 4-emoji verification process in your mockup.
Good luck!
Telegram Beta

The results of the animations contest are ready. We've selected 33 winners out of 126 artists who have submitted their animated stickers.

Each of the winners will receive $1,500 from Telegram.
Meet the Walt Disneys of Telegram: (OwlHug) (egorzhgun) ( @ValerieFortuna ) (Anton Subbotin) (Aleksandr Kan) (Alena Sof'ina) ( @Brainsheep ) (Valeriya Belousova) ( @archiekatt ) (movio) (Sergey) (Valerij Deev) ( @Polutis ) ( @Tarantinono ) ( @pototsky_a ) (Rustam Ruziev) (Ol'ga Shibaeva) (Rouslan Malsagov) ( @Dolka103 )
___________________________________ ( @TohaNeploho ) ( @nikolayzharukhin ) (PainDragon) (Irina Teryuha) ( @Kazzzakstyle ) ( @syrreel ) ( @Teneres_a ) (Mihail Golub') (Elena Chistyakova) ( @TimVile ) (Viktor F) ( @ilyasergeevv ) (Marina Charkina) (sedrik100g)
The first 19 artists in this list are encouraged to continue their work and add more stickers to their sets. If we like the sets, we will feature them on Telegram and reward their authors for every sticker uploaded. We are planning to make animated stickers available to all users of Telegram by late June / early July. Every set must include at least 15 stickers to be rewarded and featured.
Please note that the current production version of Telegram is not optimized for animated stickers, and some animations from @topanimated may look slow/buggy. This will get fixed within a month.
Our representative will get in touch with the winners from the official verified Telegram account to coordinate the payments and potential work together.
Many thanks to the artists for the great animations – and congratulations to the winners!
Telegram Beta

Pavel Durov: "IP addresses coming mostly from China.

Historically, all state actor-sized DDoS (200-400 Gb/s of junk) we experienced coincided in time with protests in Hong Kong (coordinated on @telegram ). This case was not an exception."
Telegram Beta

Telegram: We’re currently experiencing a powerful DDoS attack, @Telegram users in the Americas and some users from other countries may experience connection issues.
Telegram Beta

🔒 Remember that your device is the ultimate guardian of your data – keep it safe.

Here are some futher tips for your Telegram account: | Twitter
Can someone break Telegram 2-Step Verification? | Twitter
@Telegram #security #tips
Telegram Beta

🔥 Plus Messenger Added features from the latest Telegram source code:

• v5.7.1 Focused Privacy, Discussion Groups, Seamless Web Bots and More
App Info:
• Unofficial client for Android 4.1+
• Channel • Support
• Google Play • APKMirror • Beta
• Plus source code: v4.2.1.1
• Based on Telegram source: v5.7.1
2019-06-11 #plusmsgr #Android
Telegram Beta

🔂 Telegram Desktop 1.7.7. for #Windows #Linux #macOS

• Download video files while watching them using streaming.
• Set EOL (end-of-life) for Windows XP—Vista and OS X 10.6—10.9 at September 1, 2019.
2019-06-10 #TDesktop #stable
Telegram Beta

🔥 New version for Unigram. Build 3.9.2495. What's new:

• Improved navigation for busy chats: Scroll up to see the message date.
• "Flash window when receiving a notification" can be disabled from Settings > Notifications and Sounds.
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