The results of the animations contest are ready. We've selected 33 winners out of 126 artists who have submitted their animated stickers.

Each of the winners will receive $1,500 from Telegram.
Meet the Walt Disneys of Telegram:
t.me/topanimated/3 (OwlHug)
t.me/topanimated/10 (egorzhgun)
t.me/topanimated/14 ( @ValerieFortuna )
t.me/topanimated/18 (Anton Subbotin)
t.me/topanimated/23 (Aleksandr Kan)
t.me/topanimated/28 (Alena Sof'ina)
t.me/topanimated/32 ( @Brainsheep )
t.me/topanimated/36 (Valeriya Belousova)
t.me/topanimated/45 ( @archiekatt )
t.me/topanimated/49 (movio)
t.me/topanimated/53 (Sergey)
t.me/topanimated/57 (Valerij Deev)
t.me/topanimated/61 ( @Polutis )
t.me/topanimated/65 ( @Tarantinono )
t.me/topanimated/69 ( @pototsky_a )
t.me/topanimated/73 (Rustam Ruziev)
t.me/topanimated/77 (Ol'ga Shibaeva)
t.me/topanimated/83 (Rouslan Malsagov)
t.me/topanimated/87 ( @Dolka103 )
t.me/topanimated/95 ( @TohaNeploho )
t.me/topanimated/99 ( @nikolayzharukhin )
t.me/topanimated/103 (PainDragon)
t.me/topanimated/107 (Irina Teryuha)
t.me/topanimated/113 ( @Kazzzakstyle )
t.me/topanimated/117 ( @syrreel )
t.me/topanimated/121 ( @Teneres_a )
t.me/topanimated/128 (Mihail Golub')
t.me/topanimated/132 (Elena Chistyakova)
t.me/topanimated/136 ( @TimVile )
t.me/topanimated/140 (Viktor F)
t.me/topanimated/144 ( @ilyasergeevv )
t.me/topanimated/148 (Marina Charkina)
t.me/topanimated/152 (sedrik100g)
The first 19 artists in this list are encouraged to continue their work and add more stickers to their sets. If we like the sets, we will feature them on Telegram and reward their authors for every sticker uploaded. We are planning to make animated stickers available to all users of Telegram by late June / early July. Every set must include at least 15 stickers to be rewarded and featured.
Please note that the current production version of Telegram is not optimized for animated stickers, and some animations from @topanimated may look slow/buggy. This will get fixed within a month.
Our representative will get in touch with the winners from the official verified Telegram account to coordinate the payments and potential work together.
Many thanks to the artists for the great animations – and congratulations to the winners!