The ABCs of English

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The ABCs of English

❇️Save (something) for a rainy day: To reserve something, esp money, for use in a time or period of unforeseen difficulty.

✴️ I save a portion of my wages each month for a rainy day.ذخیره براى روز مبادا
The ABCs of English

❇️ drive someone nuts: to make someone very annoyed. ✴️All these phone calls are driving me nuts.

كسى رو به شدت عصبى كردن @TheABCsofEnglish
The ABCs of English

@TheABCsofEnglish. IELTS test in Kuwait – September 2018 (General Training)

We received the IELTS test questions below from Kuwait (thanks to O for sharing!):
Writing test
Writing task 1 (a letter)
You have recently bought a toy online and after receiving it you discovered a problem with it. Write a letter to the online store you bought it from, and say
– Describe the toy.
– Explain the problem.
– Suggest how it could be solved.
Writing Task 2 (an essay)
Some people say that TV advertisements have benefits, while others believe the opposite. Discuss both views, give your own opinion and include examples from your experience.
Speaking test
– What is your full name?
– Can I see your ID?
– Where are you from?
– Do you work or study?
– What do you do?
– Where do you live now?
– Is it a house or an apartment?
– What is your favourite room at your place?
– Do you like plants?
– What activities do you do out of home?
– What indoor activities do you like?
– What outdoor activity would you like to do in the future?
Cue Card
Talk about your favorite website. Please say
– What is it?
– What is it about?
– How often do you use it? Why?
– How did you know about it?
– Why do you like it?
– Is it useful for others? Why?
– Do you know people who use this website?
– Why do you think entertainment websites are popular?
– Do you think people prefer to watch films or news on TV or the Internet?
– Do you think people prefer to get news from the Internet or newspapers?
– Do you think there will be libraries in the future?
– Is the Internet important in schools in your country?
The ABCs of English

snake in the grass: someone who cannot be trusted ✴️Did you hear that Daria's best friend stole money from her bank account?

What a snake in the grass.آب زير كاه
The ABCs of English

@TheABCsofEnglish. ☘️ ادویه ها در زبان انگلیسی. 🌿 جعفری. 🌻 Parsley /pä:rsli/

🌿 دارچین
🌻 Cinnamon /sinәmәn/
🌿 رازیانه
🌻 Fennel /fenl/
🌿 زرد چوبه
🌻 Turmeric /t3rmәrik/
🌿 زرشک
🌻 Barberry /barberi/
🌿 زعفران
🌻 Saffron /barberi/
🌿 زنجبیل
🌻 Ginger /dЗindЗәr/
🌿 سماق
🌻 Sumac /sumak/
🌿 شوید
🌻 Dill /dil/
🌿 فلفل قرمز
🌻 Red pepper /red peper/ or Chili pepper
🌿 فلفل سیاه
🌻 Black pepper
🌿 عناب
🌻 Jujuba
🌿 کنجد
🌻 Sesame /sesәmi/
🌿 میخک
🌻 Clove /klәuv/
🌿 نعناء
🌻 Peppermint /"pepәrmint/
🌿 هل
🌻 Cardamom /ka:rdәmәm/
The ABCs of English

something is not rocket science: used to say that something is not difficult to do or understandوقتی ميخوايد بگيد كه كارى خيلى سادس

The ABCs of English

❇️Go bananas: To become extremely excited or jubilant.

✴️The kids are going to go bananas when we tell them about the trip. به شدت هيجان زده و خوشحال شدن
The ABCs of English

❇️ crocodile tears: tears that you cry when you are not really sad or sorry اشك تمساح

The ABCs of English

@TheABCsofEnglish. 🅾Stating Your Opinion (بیان نظر). 🔹In my opinion,

🔹According to me,
🔹In my view,
🔹To me,
🔹From my point of view,
🔹I think
🔹It seems to me that
🔹I believe
🔹From my perspective
🔹To my way of thinking
🔹It appears that
🔹I suppose
🔹I realize
🔹I understand
🔹I imagine
🔹I feel
🅾Giving Examples (مثال آوردن)
🔹For example,
🔹For instance,
🔹such as
🔹In other words,
🔹that is
🔹To illustrate
🔹To paraphrase
🅾Comparing (مقایسه ، بیان شباهت ها)
🔹Similar to
🔹in common
🔹In the same way,
🔹At the same time
🔹Just as
🅾Contrasting (مقایسه ، بیان تفاوت ها)
🔹On the contrary,
🔹On the other hand,
🔹Differ from
🔹Even though
🅾Generalizing (جمع بندی)
🔹Generally speaking,
🔹On the whole,
🔹It seems to me that
🔹I believe
🔹All in all,
🔹As a rule,
🔹All things considered
🔹For the most part
🅾Expressing Certainty (بیان قطعیت)
🔹No doubt,
🔹Of course,
🅾Expressing Partial Agreement (بیان موافقت نسبی)
🔹More or less,
🔹To some extent,
🔹Up to a point,
🔹In a way,
🔹So to speak,
🅾Showing cause (بیان علت)
🔹Due to
🔹Because of
🅾Showing effect (بیان معلول)
🔹As a result,
🔹For this reason,
🅾classification (طبقه بندی)
🔹First of all,
🔹To begin with
🔹At the same time
🔹After this / that
🔹Following this
🔹As soon as
🅾Adding Information (اضافه کردن دلایل دیگر)
🔹In addition
🔹As well as
🅾Expressing condition (جملات شرطی)
🔹In case
🔹Provided that
🔹So that
🅾 Concluding (نتیجه گیری)
🔹To summarize
🔹In conclusion
🔹To conclude with,
The ABCs of English

❇️Feel blue: To feel sad, somber, or glum. ✴️I have been feeling blue lately, but I think it's just because of this gloomy weather we've been having.ناراحت و غمگين