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I'm very sorry for keeping quiet, it's due to some unforseen circumstances in the area of my business.
How are you and how are you doing?
How is your Buisness too? I want to strongly believe that all is going on well. Being an Entrepreneur is not easy but we are learning strong everyday.
I have about 6 Ebooks I want to share with us on Social Media and how to move our Business forward.
I need 6 volunteers (3 females and 3 males) to read and summarize this book for us in an easy and digestable way.
One book for a week, posting for 7 days along with pictures.
If you want to be part of this team, kindly notify me @salesguru1 .
We will work together as a team.
Hope to hear from you.
I love you all.

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​​ “Sales” is much more than providing the customer with the goods, in exchange for money.

Sales involve a relationship not only between the sales representative and the customer, but the company and the customer. There are many traits that customers look for in not only products, but in sales people. Reply in the comment traits you are looking for as a customer.

​​ Sales is an important part of every small business; it's also a common challenge for many small business owners.

If sales is something you struggle with in your small business, it can be helpful to spend some time getting a better understanding of the sales process and fine-tuning your sales skills.
The sales force isn't the only department that's responsible for sales within the organization.
Every other person must understand and know the sales process to qualify customers for the growth of business.
Do you follow the same sales process ?
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If you're not excited about your solution, why would your customer be? -

If you sound like you're going through the motions and don't care about your customers business, or think you can wait until the email in your cadence to follow up with your prospect, you're going to be in for a rough ride.
Your prospects need to feel your enthusiasm and excitement to talk to them and more importantly to help them.

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​​ Sales is an area where we can never be good enough.

Below are 3 sales and marketing tips to consider in achieving success in this New Year (2019).
1. The Art of Connection & Drive: In this busy world of wheeling and dealing, it is important to know that our connections are genuine. As a Sales Person, it is easy to get caught up in our own vision and forget the importance of delivering for consumers. We can achieve greater success if our transactions are heartfelt and not just about making the sale. Let this be your drive.
2. Hope You’re Not Camera Shy: While advertising on social media is a no brainer, the current trends are all point toward one thing: LIVE VIDEO!
If you are camera shy, it’s time to get over this fear, phobia, or whatever it is. Otherwise, you WILL be leaving sales on the table. Twitter is losing steam while Snap, Instagram video, and Facebook Live are the talk of the town.
3. Start a Blog or Podcast: Now that you’ve gotten comfortable with video, it’s time to post this content onto your blog. Better yet, maybe a video podcast or vlog.
Already have a blog? Starting a podcast is a good way to repurpose your content, as you have your talking points laid out for you. At the very least, it will help build your credibility.
In the application of these 3 sales tips, remember the importance of leaving your comfort zone. “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”
The same goes for your business.

​​ Happy New Year to you all. Without you this channel will be useless. Thank you.

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​​ Sales and Marketing Class: We want to hear from you!

Compliment of the season to you all.
As this year is coming to an end and a new year is knocking at the door.
We will like to get feedback from you on what we have done so far and your expectation in the coming year.
Feel free to write 📝 out your mind to us. We will work on all the feedback.
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​​ Tips to generate customer's interest and drive sales. Get into the festive spirit :

The festive season is a wonderful time for businesses to connect with customers on a more personal level. Showing your business's festive spirit can make your business seem more relatable and friendly.
Ideas to get your business into the festive spirit:
1.) Thank your followers.
Post a thank-you to your customers and followers. The end of the year is a great time to show your appreciation
2.) Share season's greetings.
Make a season's greetings post – for example, "Happy Christmas!" "Happy New Year!" – on or just before major holidays. Learn about scheduling posts.
3.) Show off your decorations:
If you've put up festive season decorations, why not share them with your fans?
4.) Encourage customers to message your business:
A great way to build relationships with your customers is to have one-on-one conversations with them.
Messaging with your customers lets them know you're listening and that you care about them. And, if customers are able to message your business to learn more about your offerings or services, they may be more likely to visit your business.
5.) Easily manage conversations with your customers
Throughout the festive season, you may receive many messages from customers about your offerings or services. It's important to be responsive so you never have to miss a sale.
6.) Give back to your community
Make a difference and earn the goodwill of your community by raising money for a cause you care about.
Simply choose a cause or organisation, make a donation and share the post with your fans.
Culled from: Facebook Business Page